Rise Petroleum

We Work To Increase Existing Production On Oil and Gas Wells

What Rise Petroleum Does:

Our Combined Experience

We strive to deliver the best service to our investors (i.e. Partners) and surround ourselves with industry professionals that take pride in their work and add value to our overall success.

3 Step Simple Process

Step 1

Acquire ownership of existing active oil/gas wells.

Step 2

Survey the wells using the latest technology to confirm the existence of oil and natural gas.

Step 3

Drill and reestablish the existing oil/gas well for production.

New Technology, specifically in the areas of hydraulic fracture stimulation and drilling techniques have created a new sector that is dominating the domestic oil industry. Previously, non-commercial shale zones have created a boom that has affected the balance of power with the world oil economy. Wall Street investors have an affinity for these types of plays because dry holes are rare after the field areas are identified. Levels of success vary greatly due to the formation quality, drilling and completion techniques and production operations.

We have studied production histories, primarily in the Eagleford Shale, and some companies produce more efficiently than others. With investment monies being channeled into the unconventional plays, conventional production has fallen out of favor with the major and large independent oil and gas companies. This has left a niche that we are exploiting primarily in South Texas.

Reasons to Invest in Oil and Gas: